School Expenses

Preparatory Course
  • "Tuition & etc.." includes textbooks fee and facility fee.
  • "Practical Japanese course"and "Short term trial course" have original fee pricing. Please look here.
  • You must pay "Application fee(30,000yen)"at the time of application to our school other than above the school expenses.
※About Application fee

"Application fee"is a popular fee in Japan when you take exams for universities or other schools.
So, you have to pay application fee if you want to take exam for our school.
Basically, you need to pay the fee until you send application documents to our school.
But, sometimes we accept deferred payment, or infrequently we exempt your payment.
Please contact us if you have any questions about application fee.

Time limit of school expenses payment

【First year】

You must complete the payment through a designated bank as soon as "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY" is qualified.
(Please note that if the payment is not confirmed until the due date , your admission might be by cancelled.)
"In addition, please note that the paid-up school expenses will not be returned as a rule except for the case that visa is not issued."

【Second year】

You must complete the payment until the designated day in the second year.
Please note that if you do not pay school expenses until the due date, you might get expulsion from school.

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1 Original scholarship program

We provide you a variety of original scholarship program to support your study.

  • 1. Prior study scholarship

    If you get a certification of level 3 or more in official Japanese language examinations (for example,"N4 or more" in JLPT, "Level E or more "in J.TEST) before you enter in our school, we will provide you "Prior study scholarship"after your entrance.

  • 2. JLPT scholarship

    If you pass "N1" or "N2" in JLPT after your entrance to our school, we will provide you "JLPT scholarship", when you graduate our school.

  • 3. EJU scholarship

    If you get high-score in EJU after your entrance to our school, we will provide you "EJU scholarship", according to your score , when you graduate our school.

  • 4. Diligence school expense discount

    If you attend diligently in first year, we will discount your school expense at the second year.

  • 5. Prestigious universities scholarship

    "If you pass the exam for the prestigious university specified by us" (except research student), we will provide you "Prestigious universities scholarship", when you enter the university.

To check latest information or get details of each scholarships , Please look at this blog.

2 Other scholarship program

These are other scholarships the students of our school have received.

  • 1. Honors Scholarship for Privately financed international students

    This scholarship is provided by JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization). Every year,a few students we recommend can receive this scholarship.
    Total amount...576,000yen(48,000yen/month×12month)

  • 2. Reservation Program for Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

    This scholarship is also provided by JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization). Excellent students take high score on the EJU are chosen in this program.
    Total amount...576,000yen(48,000yen/month×12month)

  • 3. Scholarship of Lee Soo Hyun

    Click here to know about Scholarship of Lee Soo Hyun. Candidates must write a composition about a designated theme.

  • 4. Various composition contests

    You can apply to various contests of Japanese composition and if you win in the contest,you will get some prizes.

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Other costs of study abroad

1 Insurance premium

National Health Insurance about 20,000~25,000yen/year

"National Health Insurance"will help you to pay 70% of the medical expenses.
(That is, you have only to pay 30% of the medical expenses.)
You, international students must join "National Health Insurance".

Personal liability insurance about 3,000yen(during you are our school student)

When you injure someone or break something by accident,
"Personal liability insurance"will help you to pay a part of the amount of damage.
However, when you did intentionally, you can't use it, and injury of yourself or
your own things is outside the scope of"Personal liability insurance".

2 Housing expense, etc.

Dormitory of our school

Dormitory expenses...200,000yen(For the first 6months)

For details, click here.
Rent a room by yourself

If you have a friend or relatives in Osaka,
you may be able to rent a room by yourself.
But, in most cases, you are required to
guarantor living in Japan.

Housing expense・・・*250,000~350,000yen
*Estimation (For the first 6months).
It's dificult to estimate, because, Housing expense
in Japan will vary with various factors,
"SHIKI-KIN","REI-KIN",Brokerage fee,
Common service fee,Fire insurance, and so on.

You also must pay various expenses everyday in your life, other than housing expenses.
Food,Electricity and Gas charges,Communications expenses(mobilephone,internet),and so on.
But,we hear almost students are living in 30,000~50,000yen monthly.

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