Supports for Student Life

We support you to solve "any troubles"in your school life from just the day you come to Japan.

Airport pick-up(Kansai international airport)

Please tell us immediately (by E-mail,FAX,etc)the day and arrival time of your flight, after you book a plane ticket.

  • Our school is closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.Please come to Japan on a weekday.
  • In case your relatives or friends come to pick-up (if you don't need our pick-up), even in such case, please tell us your flight nummber.
  • Please let us know your comig to Japan at least 3days before. If the other student come on the same day,
    we have to adjust the time schedule to go airport.
  • If you don't receive our response,your notification may not have conveyed to us, please check once again.

You arrive airport, and let's go to the arrival gate after immigration examination.

What's do you do in such cases?
The arrival of my plane was delayed incredibly!!!
No matter how late the plane, we'll wait for meeting you.

When I pass through arrival gate, I can't see the staff of "Shin-ai Institute of Languages", What should I do!?
When the road is congested, or your plane arrives earlier than planned,we may be late. But, we certainly go to pick-up, please stay there(around the arrival gate) and wait for us patiently.

The staff of our school will be waiting for you with a paper your name is written(look at a picture below).
After you meet our school staff, you carry the baggage to the car, and let's go to our school!

When you arrive at our school, first of all, you will call your parents and say"I have just arrived!!!"

After the telephone, What do I do?

If you go into our dormitory, we take you to the dormitory and carry your baggage.
The next step, you will have to go the City Hall (or Ward Office).
And there, you must submit your new address and you have to join the national health insurance.
After the procedure in the City Hall (or Ward Office), you can make an account at a bank, and make a contract of mobile phone.
You have many things to do after arrival , but we will support whatever you need.
So, please feel free to consult to us.

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Traffic accident and various troubles

Traffic accident

If you encounter a traffic accident, please tell us certainly.
If you are injured, first of all, call an ambulance(Telephone 119),
and call the police too,(Telephone 110).
Our school support you to do *various procedure instead of you.
*procedure of hospitalization, compensation, insurance,
private settlement negotiation, and so on.

Housing troubles

If a housing trouble occurs in your room, you should telephone
the management company of your apartment, and please let us know.
We support you to negotiate with the management company or
the owner of your apartment.

Lost articles and Theft

When you encounter the theft or lose something yours,
you should notify the police.
It sometimes happens that someone who finds lost article
brings it to the police.
We will go to the police with you and support to submit
the notification of loss or theft.
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Looking for a part time job

When you come to Japan, it may be difficult to look for a part time job, at first.
But, please feel easy. We will look for a part time job with you until it is found.
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Medical support

When you become sick and would like to go a hospital ,please feel free to consult us.
"Our school staff will go to a hospital with you, and interprets a doctor's explanation. "

In addition, Tuberculosis screening is held at our school every year,
and we have a tuberculosis course once a year.

You can be treated for free (or at a cheap charge) at "Renge Clinic",
"with your insurance certificate and student identification card. "
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Looking for a rental apartment

If you want to move, you may be better to consult us at first.
When you rent an apartment, you almost require a guarantor living in Japan.
While you are in our school, we can be a guarantor, and you can move with confidence.
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