• Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q In what month can I enter ?
    A You can enter preparatory course in April,July,October and January, but study period changes with admission month.
    By the way, you can learn in "Practical course"or"Short term trial course"at any time.
    For more information, please refer to "Japanese course guide".
  • Q What month should I start to prepare for study abroad? How long will it take?
    A For study in Japan, you must apply for "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY"to Immigration Bureau,
    and you are probably going to need 5~6months for your preparing study abroad.
    In addition, you are required Japanese language proficiency level 4(≒"N5" in JLPT,or "level F" in J.TEST)
    to apply to Immigration Bureau, and so, please begin to learn Japanese when you want to go Japan.
    For more information, please refer to "Flow of admission".
  • Q What kind of documents are required to apply for "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY" ?
    A Application Documents vary with your educational background or financial sponsor's occupation.
    For more information, please refer to "Application Documents Guide".
  • Q Do you have any age limit for admission?
    A We have no age limit for admission, but, when 5years has passed after final graduation,
    you must describe in detail about your career and reasons for study abroad.
  • Q How do I send Application Documents to your school?
    A You can send "Application Documents" by EMS(Express Mail Service)after you contact us.
    If you send "Application Documents"through a broker, please follow their instructions.
  • Q When is Screening result of"CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY" announced?
    A Screening result of"CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY"is announced about a month before your admission.
    (That is, in case you enter in April, Immigration Bureau will announce the screening result at the end of February).
    We will send you (or your broker) "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY"after we receive the school expenses you remit.
    Please apply for visa to Consulate-General of Japan with "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY".
    For more information, please refer to "Flow of admission".
  • Q Can I study in your school only 3months with"Tourist visa"?
    A You can study in our school with "Tourist visa","Working Holiday visa","Short-stay visa",and so on.
    In addition, you can learn in "Practical course"or"Short term trial course", if you don't have enough time.
    For more information, please refer to "Practical course, Short term trial course".
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  • Q I got "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY" and applied for Visa, but Consulate-General of Japan did not permit to issue my Visa. Can I apply again?
    A You can apply for "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY"again even if you fail first time.
    But, it is almost impossible to apply for Visa again. Unfortunately, please give up.
  • Q Can I change into "Student Visa"from "Tourist visa"?
    A Status of residence is Immigration Bureau's matter, and so we can not comment about this problem.
    Please consult with information center of Immigration Bureau(TEL:0570-013904 or +81-35796-7112).
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Part-time job

(Permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted)
  • Q Can I do part-time job with "Student Visa"?
    A If you apply and get the permission from Immigration Bureau, you can do part-time job within 28hours/week.
    In place of you, we can apply for the permission to Immigration Bureau after observing your learning attitude for about one month.
  • Q How do I find a part-time job?
    A Many students will find part-time job by job ads on magazines or websites, or by introductions of friends, and so on.
    "Hello Work"is a administrative organ providing informations of job, and you should use it actively.
    We recommend you to do part-time job, because you will improve your Japanese language proficiency,
    and also you will find and learn various customs of Japan.
    For more information, please refer to "SCHOOL LIFE BLOG".
  • Q How much is hourly pay?
    A In most cases, it's 800~1,000yen/hour.
    If you find a higher pay part-time job, you should take care not to get involved in crime.
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School Life

  • Q What language is spoken in the class?
    A The teacher speak only Japanese, and you can't speak your mother tongue in the class.
    Although you may feel stress in the beginning, we think it helps you to improve your Japanese language proficiency.
  • Q Do I have to learn all day?
    A No,you don't have to. You will learn in the morning class[9:00-12:45] (or the afternoon class[13:15-17:00]),only about 4hours.
    Except above school hours, you can spend freely. Of course, you can do part-time job too.
    For more information, please refer to "Class schedule".
  • Q Can I learn Japanese during the summer vacation?
    A In "Practical course"or"Short term trial course", you can consult about class schedule, please feel free to contact us.
  • Q Will you respond in languages other than Japanese?
    A We have a chinese interpreter in International Student Office, and other staffs can respond in English or Korean.
  • Q Can I use "student commuter pass"?
    A No, you can't use "student commuter pass".Please use "(general)commuter pass".
    In some Japanese language schools, students use "student commuter pass",but students of most Japanese language schools
    can not use "student commuter pass".
    But,it is no problem because most students of our school live near the school and come to school by bicycle or on foot.
  • Q Can I smoke at school?
    A Basically, our school building is non smoking, but you can smoke at the smoking area set up in bicycle parking.
  • Q Do you have any extracurricular studies?
    A We have twice extracurricular studies in spring and autumn.
    In spring, we will go to "Universal Studios Japan", In autumn, we will explore sightseeing spot in "Kyoto" or "Nara".
    In addition to extracurricular studies, we have various events for your school life.
    For more information, please refer to "Annual schedule".
  • Q How many students will be in a class?
    A In our school, we have 10-15 students in a class.
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School Expenses

  • Q Do I have to pay textbook fees separately?
    A No, you don't have to. "Tuition & etc"includes not only "textbook fees" but also "facility fee".
    For more information, please refer to "School Expenses".
  • Q By when should I pay "School Expenses"
    A In "Preparatory course", You have to pay the school expenses until *the day we specify.
    *within 2weeks after "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY" will be issued.
    In "Practical Japanese course" or "Short term trial course", You have to pay until starting classes.
  • Q When I quit school halfway, will you return expenses to me?
    A We will not return expenses unless there are *special circumstances.
    *The cases we can't provide an opportunity for you to study Japanese, war or Large-scale natural disaster, and so on.
    But, in "Practical Japanese course" or "Short term trial course", we return expenses according to the days you attended.
    However, if your expenses is discounted, you have to pay regular expenses.
  • Q Can I do the divided payment of school expenses?
    A In "Preparatory course", division payment cannot be performed in principle. If you have a special reason, please consult with us.
    By the way, in "Practical Japanese course"or"Short term trial course", you pay school expenses every month.
    However, if you pay 6 months or more expenses, it will be discounted in"Practical course".
  • Q After I pay all school expenses, I decide not to go Japan, then, expenses I paid will be returned?
    A If you decide not to go to Japan before admission, we return all school expenses to you except the cost of bank transfer.
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