Past results :Schools our graduates have entered

Graduate Schools
National and Public
  • 大阪大学
  • 奈良女子大学
  • 和歌山大学
  • 大阪市立大学
  • 同志社大学
  • 関西大学
  • 大阪産業大学
Universities and Colleges
National and Public
  • 神戸大学
  • 名古屋大学
  • 大阪教育大学
  • 和歌山大学
  • 宇都宮大学
  • 滋賀県立大学
  • 兵庫県立大学
  • 神戸市外国語大学
  • 関西大学
  • 関西学院大学
  • 立命館大学
  • 龍谷大学
  • 京都産業大学
  • 立命館アジア太平洋大学
  • 摂南大学
  • 阪南大学
  • 帝塚山大学
  • 天理大学
  • 大阪産業大学
  • 大阪国際大学
  • 大阪経済法科大学
  • 武蔵野大学
  • 大阪成蹊大学
  • 神戸夙川学院大学
  • 大手前大学
  • プール学院大学
  • 羽衣国際大学
  • 神戸情報大学院大学
  • 鈴鹿国際大学
  • 近畿医療福祉大学
  • 奈良産業大学
  • 英知大学
  • 園田学園女子大学
  • 白鳳女子短期大学
  • 大阪産業大学短期大学部
  • 中日本自動車短期大学
Vocational schools

  • 専門学校エール学園
  • ECC国際外語専門学校
  • ECCコンピュータ専門学校
  • 大原簿記専門学校
  • 大原簿記法律専門学校
  • 大原外語&エアライン専門学校
  • 清風情報工科学院
  • 京都外国語専門学校
  • 関西外語専門学校
  • 駿台観光&外語専門学校
  • 大阪デジタルテクノ専門学校
  • 大阪情報コンピュータ専門学校
  • 日本理工情報専門学校
  • 日本コンピュータ専門学校
  • 愛甲学院専門学校
  • 渋谷外語専門学校
  • 東京国際ビジネスカレッジ
  • 他多数
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Guide for Higher Education

According to your target school, tasks you have to clear are different.
We will interview one by one at suitable time, hearing your wishes, and we will make suitable advices for you and lead you to successes.

The main steps up to admission

Course interview
(hearing wishes and narrowing down target schools)
Requesting admission outline and
the past entrance examination papers
Preparing admission documents and
exam preparation(mock interview etc.)
Entrance exam(written test and interview,etc.)
Pass and admission
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Which course do you wish?

Graduate school

Graduate student(Doctoral or Master's course)

Almost all graduate schools request the curriculum of more than 16 years. When choosing the major, you should choose the same one you studied at the university.
If you wish to choose another major, you must study the major from the beginning at a university.
In addition, even if there is no description in admission requirements, graduate schools require
Japanese language proficiency of level 1(N1) in their research activities.

Graduate student(Research student)

"Research student"will prepare the graduate school entrance exam for 1 year or 6 months , receiving instruction of a professor. To become a research student, you must get the consent of the professor.
If the professor permit, you can choose another major you have not studied.


University(Research student in the faculty)

Some universities have a system of "Research student in the faculty". "Research student in the faculty"prepare the graduate school entrance exam for 1 year. "Research student in the faculty"is similar to "Research student (in the graduate school)". But,"Research student in the faculty"does not necessarily need 16 years curriculum, and so, students of 15 years curriculum can apply for it.

University(Transfer to the third year)

The students completing more than 14 years can transfer to the third year of universities. When you are going to study another major at the graduate school, it is a better way that you transfer to the third year of university.


There are various (national, public, private)universities in Japan, and many of them require the results of "EJU"at the entrance exam. Many of national and public universities require not only "Japanese" but also "Japan and the World","Mathematics","Science".

Junior College

Junior college is 2 years. After graduated junior colleges, you can transfer to the third year of universities.

Vocational School

Some students will go to vocational schools to learn the skill of particular fields. There are also vocational schools to prepare for graduate schools or universities.


It is possible to get a job after graduating from our school, but, such case is unusual. Even if you get an employment agreement from a company, the Immigration Bureau may not allow you the status of residence. Employment in Japan is not easy, but some of our graduates are active in Japanese companies.
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What documents is needed?

If you decide your course, let's prepare the documents required in admission application.
The documents required are different by each schools.
It is tough for you to read the application guideline written in Japanese.
But, we help you to prepare the documents, and so please feel easy.
Documents listed below are frequently required in many schools.
Graduation certificate(Most recent)

The graduation certificate(it's not the diploma) is needed. You have to ask the graduation certificate of the school graduated recently. If translation of Japanese is needed, we can prepare it.

Transcript(Most recent)

You have to ask the transcript of the school graduated recently. If translation of Japanese is needed, we can prepare it.

Letter of recommendation

Sometimes, a letter of recommendation written by the professor will be required. In that case, you have to ask it as soon as possible. When you are required a letter of recommendation written by our school, if your attendance rate is over 90%, we can issued it with no problem.

Outline of research

When you aim to a research student, you must write an outline of your research. Of course you must write it in Japanese, and according to the level of graduate school, the quantity of it increase (in some cases 10,000 words or more!). We make correction of your outline of research, and please consult us without reserve.

Score Report of EJU

Many of universities will require the score report of "EJU" in the entrance exam. Especially, national universities require not only "Japanese", but also "mathmatics", "Japan and the World","Science". And so, you had better take those examination subjects in "EJU", if you aim to a national university.(click here, What's"EJU")

Test Result of JLPT

You will be required high-level Japanese language proficiency (at least N2) at national or public or famous private universities. Some universities exempt the examination of Japanese by submitting the test result of "JLPT".(click here, What's"JLPT")

In addition to the above documents, various documents may be required, but we will help you to prepare them,
and lead the success in the exam.
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Measures of the examination and interview

How to order the past exam questions?

You can get the past exam questions in several ways.
Some universities put them on their HP.
But, in many universities, you have to ask them
to copy and mail the past exam questions.
And, a few universities require you to go the university
and copy the past exam questions by yourself.
If you can't find the way, we can order the past exam questions instead of you.

I'm not good at short essay.

You can usually practice Japanese composition in regular class.
A short essay is just assemblies of compositions, and so,
regular class is very useful for you.
If you want to be good at short essay, you should take regular class seriously.
In addition, we will give you practical tasks at an advanced class,
so you will get the ability of composition gradually.

I feel always nervous at the interview.

Many of universities require the admission interview.
You can practice as many times as you want, and so,
you will be interviewed with confidence.
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